I am an artist and a PGCE student at Goldsmiths University of London.

My art is inspired by the struggles and absurdity of everyday life. The creative process has always helped me make better sense of who I am and understand the world in which I live. This is why I decided to become an Art Teacher.

I graduated in Fine Arts Painting from the University of Lisbon and I was an Erasmus student in Florence for an academic year.

I worked as a Creative Artworker in an advertising company and later as a Graphic Designer at the Cascais Town Hall.

(In case you’re wondering, where is Cascais? The lovely seaside village where I grew up in Portugal.)

I fled to London in 2014, where I engaged in a real-life performance as a waitress. Working in restaurants taught me how to transform silliness into art. Meanwhile, I joined Sonsoles Print Studio in Peckham, where I fell in love with screen printing.

In 2019 I decided it was time to make a move in my life, so I did an Art Residency in Athens, where I created some of the works you see in this website. This experience consolidated my desire to become a teacher.

During 2020 lockdown I learned how to make collagraph prints at home, using an Xcut Xpress die cutting machine.

Instagram @spoonfulofrita

In collaboration with the Photographer Gemma Mancinelli (work in progress)


01/12/19 . 31/01/20

Collective Show @ The Paxton Centre, Crystal Palace (London, U.K.)

December 2019

Sonsoles Print Studio Christmas Market, Peckham (London, U.K.)

October 2019

1 Month Screen Printing Residency

@ Kypseli Print Studio, (Athens, Greece)


01/07/19 . 31/08/19

Collective Show @ The Paxton Centre, Crystal Palace (London, U.K.)

April 2019

Brick Brewery Print Fair, Peckham (London, U.K.)

December 2018

Sonsoles Print Studio Christmas Market, Peckham (London, U.K.)

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