I am an illustrator artist based in London and my main source of income since I arrived here has been my job as a waitress.

I have been inspired by the struggles and silliness of everyday life, specially the ones endured by those who have to serve. My art is a reflection on my inner world, my aspirations, beliefs, fears and rambling thoughts. I see the creative process as a way of organising ideas, making connections and creating forms and colours that communicate what’s important and needs to come out. I sold a few works within my local community and friend circle, but I want to reach a broader audience because I know that many collectors out there will appreciate my work.

I graduated in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon in 2010 and I was an Erasmus student in Florence (Italy) for an academic year.

I worked as a Creative Artworker and Graphic Designer in Portugal until the end of 2013.

Tired of minimum wages and without hope for progression I fled to London in 2014 and started from scratch.

I became a member of Sonsoles Print Studio (Pechkam) in 2017, where I have been printing my works.

In collaboration with the photographer Gemma Mancinelli, we have developed a performance project that explores the emptiness and absurdity of serving others.

You can know more about it here


01/12/19 . 31/01/20

Collective Show @ The Paxton Centre, Crystal Palace (London, U.K.)

December 2019

Sonsoles Print Studio Christmas Market, Peckham (London, U.K.)

October 2019

1 Month Screen Printing Residency

@ Kypseli Print Studio, (Athens, Greece)


01/07/19 . 31/08/19

Collective Show @ The Paxton Centre, Crystal Palace (London, U.K.)

April 2019

Brick Brewery Print Fair, Peckham (London, U.K.)

December 2018

Sonsoles Print Studio Christmas Market, Peckham (London, U.K.)

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