Rita Penêda, aka Spoonful of Rita lives and works in London since 2014. She is an illustrator that have been trapped in the hospitality world for a few years while she supported her life in London, however she never stopped creating. While scrapping plates and parroting steps of service in busy restaurants, she became a refined voyeur of social behaviour and a grumpy critic of table manners. This led her to make screen printed illustrations inspired by the struggles and silliness of serving. She has also started a performance art project with her fellow photographer and waitress Gemma Mancinelli, which you can have a peek here

Rita graduated in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon in 2010 and she chose Florence as the ideal

place for an Erasmus year. After graduation Rita didn’t know what to do: make enough money to quickly become

independent or pursue a “starving artist dream”? 

She then worked as a Creative Artworker at Edicais, Outdoor Advertising Ltd. until mid 2012. After that she thought that

graphic design could be useful in pursuing a more serious career so she completed a Graphic Design & New Media Diploma

at Restart, Institute of Creativity, Arts & New Technology in Lisbon, 2013. Meanwhile she also did an internship

as a graphic designer at the Cascais Town Hall Brand & Communication Division, in Portugal. Tired of minimum

wages and without hope for progression she fled to London to start from scratch. 

After 1 week in London she found a job as a deli assistant in an italian delicatessen in South Kensington where she

rapidly progressed to a Supervisor position. Until today she has been working as a server in various other restaurants

in London. She is also a member at the Sonsoles Print Studio in Peckham where she

produces her screen printing. Spoonful of Rita has now left hospitality to only

serve others with her creativity and vision. She is looking for a job

in any art-related field to develop the skills and knowledge that

will support her career as a freelance illustrator.


December 2019

Collective Show @ The Paxton Centre, Crystal Palace (London, U.K.)

December 2019

Sonsoles Print Studio Christmas Market, Peckham (London, U.K.)

October 2019

1 Month Screen Printing Residency @ Kypseli Print Studio, (Athens, Greece)


01/07/19 . 31/08/19

Collective Show @ The Paxton Centre, Crystal Palace (London, U.K.)

April 2019

Brick Brewery Print Fair, Peckham (London, U.K.)

December 2018

Sonsoles Print Studio Christmas Market, Peckham (London, U.K.)

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